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Cardboard Boat Regatta

Now Virtual! The Cardboard Boat Regatta challenges amateur boat builders – youth and adults – to design, build and float boats made entirely of corrugated cardboard and duct tape. The crafty cardboard creations then sail (or sink!) in any body of water (lake, puddle, backyard pool, etc.) as crew teams compete for trophies and prizes. 

This event is FREE to participate in. However, each crew must supply their own cardboard and duct tape. Decorations such as paint, flags, stickers, etc., are allowed and encouraged provided they are not used as structural or flotation elements. Use your imagination; you will be awarded for your creativity! 

The Cardboard Boat Regatta is meant to be a family-friendly and fun event. No matter how fast your boat sinks or outrageous your boat is, the goal is to have fun!  Winning boats will be awarded trophies that include Most Seaworthy Sailing (for both divisions); Fan Favorite; Team Pride; Best of Show; & Titanic for most spectacular sinking! Violators of any rules listed below shall be branded “pirates” and stripped of any awards. 

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How to works:
1. Design and build a boat made of ONLY cardboard and duct tape.
2. TAKE A PHOTO of your vessel after construction and before testing it in water. 
3. Designate ONE crew member to test the boat in a body of water - can be in a lake, swimming pool or giant puddle!
4. Place the vessel in the chosen body of water with ONE crew member inside the boat.
5. RECORD VIDEO of your boat sailing (or sinking) for at least one minute (two minutes max). 
6. SUBMIT a photo of your boat and video of the sailing, along with your vessel’s name, to be entered in the contest. 

Build your vessel, paddle to victory! It’s a boatload of fun. For more information, please call 907-459-1098 or email

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