Fairbanks North Star Borough Parks & Recreation
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Parks & Recreation Department General Rules

Revised and approved by the Parks and Recreation Commission on 03/19/2012.
Final approval by Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly on 4/12/2012.

The following Parks and Recreation Rules and Regulations are hereby established and promulgated in accordance with the Fairbanks North Star Borough Code of Ordinances, Title 2.28.020 and Title 9.04.010 and shall become effective immediately. Regular review of these Rules and Regulations will be conducted, and updated as necessary.
  1. The Parks and Recreation Director, or his/her designee, has the authority to:
  • Close all or any portion of any park or facility for public health or safety concerns or to preserve public order. The duration of such closures shall be at his/her discretion, as determined by the nature of the closure.
  • Require contracts or other legal instruments, proof of insurance and applicable fees for use of Parks and Recreation facilities.
  • Establish motorized vehicle speed limits, and regulate traffic flow within parks.
  • Have towed and/or impound vehicles parked in areas posted as restricted parking, fire lanes or designated handicap parking areas.
  • Establish hours of operation for borough parks and facilities.
  1. Questions regarding, or interpretation of these rules shall be directed to the Parks and Recreation Director.
  1. These Rules and Regulations shall apply to any Parks and Recreation controlled and borough-owned or leased amenity including facilities, parks, trails and landscaped areas.

  2. Any person or group violating established Parks and Recreation rules, local, state or federal laws or any action that endangers public health and safety may be asked to leave a borough facility by the Parks and Recreation Director, his/her designee or any law enforcement officer.
  1. No person may enter upon, occupy or use any borough park or recreation facility except in accordance with borough parks and recreation rules and regulations.
  1. No person may put or throw any kind of garbage, rubbish or material, or any other discarded objects in, on or around any borough park or recreation facility.
  1. Any special set-up requests for events, parties or other rentals must be included in the rental form. The setup and use of these special requests shall be pursuant to the time, location, duration and manner, as approved by the Parks and Recreation Director or his/her designee. These special set-ups may include, but are not limited to: large event tents, chairs, portable PA or amplifier systems, staging, etc.
  1. No person or group shall discharge firearms or other weapons except in designated areas.
  1. Abusive, profane, or indecent language, or any conduct or behavior that may threaten or endanger others, is strictly prohibited in all parks and facilities.
  1. No person may consume, possess, or otherwise use alcoholic beverages of any sort in areas posted “no alcoholic beverages allowed” in any Fairbanks North Star Borough park. (FNSBC 9.04.030)
  1. The use, distribution or consumption of alcoholic beverages for events or other organized activities will only be permitted with prior written consent of the Parks and Recreation Director. Additional insurance may be required, and must be pursuant to all local and state laws.
  1. Smoking is prohibited within 20 feet of, and inside of any borough-owned or leased facilities.
  1. Betting, gambling or gaming in any form, or maintaining any gambling or gaming equipment is prohibited in all parks and facilities, unless prior written consent is provided by the Parks and Recreation Director. If written permission is granted, any gambling or gaming must comply with State of Alaska requirements for these activities.
  1. No person shall sell, offer or solicit for sale any goods or merchandise, nor shall any person post, paste, or affix any placard, notice or sign within any park without prior written permission from the borough.
  1. No person, group or organization may hold, sponsor or promote any event in any park or facility that is available for exclusive rental without completing a reservation form, and paying the appropriate fee. This restriction applies when the event is larger than fifteen (15) people, the group wants exclusive use of the park or the event duration is longer than two (2) hours.
  1. No non-borough owned permanent structures or amenities are allowed in any park or facility, except pursuant to a lease or other management agreement.
  1. Unauthorized motorized vehicles are prohibited on any non-motorized trails. Further, only authorized vehicles are allowed on posted service roads, walking paths, sidewalks or other non-roadway areas.
  1. The use of personal fireworks is prohibited. Any fireworks for any event require a facility use agreement, additional insurance and must comply with all local and state regulations.
  1. Bounce houses or other inflatable party amenities are not allowed in any park or facility, unless additional insurance requirements are met, as determined by borough Risk Management.