Fairbanks North Star Borough Parks & Recreation
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Park Use Rules

  1. No person shall pick, cut, injure, deface, remove or disturb any tree, shrub, flower, building, fence, bench or other structure, apparatus or property; dig or disturb soil; or mark or write upon any building, fence, bench or other structure; damage any marker, sign or roadway of any park.
  1. No person or organization may catch, injure, disturb, destroy or interfere in any way with any wild animals or birds except while legally hunting, trapping or fishing in designated areas.
  1. Wading, swimming or sports activities shall be permitted only in those areas specifically designed and equipped for such use and prohibited in all other areas.
  1. Except in designated off-leash areas, all pets must be on-leash and under the owner’s control at all times. Pet waste must be picked up and disposed of in provided trash receptacles.
  1. A person may not wash, clean, repair or perform routine maintenance on a vehicle in any park facility, except for emergency purposes.
  1. Tent, RV and other overnight camping is only allowed at Chena Lake Recreation Area (CLRA). Only RV camping is allowed at Pioneer Park. Camping is restricted to designated, posted camping areas at these two sites. No person or organization shall set up tents, shacks or any other temporary shelter or structure for the purpose of overnight camping in any other area or park. Additionally, no person or organization shall leave in a park any storage container, movable structure or vehicle such as boxes, tents, house-trailers, camp-trailers or the like.
  1. Camping will be allowed in designated areas between Memorial Day and Labor Day, unless otherwise posted. Camping in all designated areas shall be limited to five (5) consecutive nights duration and users may leave and return to the campgrounds after an absence of one (1) day for an additional stay of not more than five (5) consecutive nights. Users may not camp more than 15 nights in any consecutive 30 night period. Additional nights may be allowed for pre-approved special events or emergency purposes.
  1. For large, multi-day tournaments or special events, camping may be allowed in non-designated areas for those purposes only, by prior written permission of the Parks and Recreation Director or his/her designee. Camping fees may apply.
  1. No person shall make or kindle an open fire except in a fire pit, grill, or picnic stove provided for that purpose, or in private stoves or barbecue braziers in any picnic or camping area. Further, the use of any open flames may be prohibited if there are unsafe burning conditions in the area due to weather, wind, etc. This will be at the discretion of the Parks and Recreation Director or his/her designee, in coordination with fire, police or emergency officials.
  1. Use of borough Parks and Recreation parks, picnic shelters and gazebos are on a first-come basis. If a person, group or organization wishes exclusive, temporary use of an area, a Use Permit must be completed and the appropriate fees paid.
  1. No person may construct a clothesline or expose clothing to dry on bushes, trees, or other objects, except in designated camping areas.
  1. Waste water tanks or fluids of any noxious, toxic or potentially harmful nature shall be discharged only at designated locations.
  1. Any special set-up requests for events, parties or other rentals must be included in the rental form. The setup and use of these special requests shall be pursuant to the time, location, duration and manner, as approved by the Parks and Recreation Director or his/her designee. These special set-ups may include, but are not limited to: large event tents, chairs, portable PA or amplifier systems, staging, etc.

  2. The borough Parks and Recreation department is not responsible for any lost or stolen items in or around the facility. It is strongly encouraged that all personal items be locked in a secure area.