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Big Dipper Ice Arena Rules

Violation or failure to comply with of any of these facility rules may result in restricted access to the facility or more serious action, up to and including police action.

  1. Facility users are not allowed on the ice surface during Zamboni resurfacing or other maintenance operations. Users may return to the ice surface after the Zamboni has completed resurfacing and the gates are closed; or when other maintenance operations have been completed.  Absolutely no puck shooting when a Big Dipper Staff person is on the ice. 
  1. Vandalism, or other misuse of any part of the Big Dipper facilities will result in either individual, team or organization suspension from the facilities. Personnel in charge of each user group (i.e. coaches) are responsible for the conduct of their participants while they are using the Big Dipper facilities both on and off the ice.  Users prior to each use should inspect team rooms.  Observation of any damages or other irregularities should be reported to a Parks and Recreation staff person immediately.  The Big Dipper Parks & Recreation Manager will review each incident and determine appropriate and reasonable actions necessary to maintain proper use etiquette.
  1. In order to ensure a punctual start for each user, it is mandatory you leave the ice immediately at the conclusion of your allotted time. Failure to comply will result in suspension of ice time until such time as the Parks & Recreation Manager is assured that the problem is corrected.
  1. Facility users are responsible for individual, team, and in some cases, spectator control during their allotted ice time. (User will be informed if security officers are needed for spectator control).
  1. No lessons (figure or hockey) for remuneration or not will be allowed during open recreational skating or recreational hockey.
  1. Smoking is prohibited within 20 feet of, and inside of any borough-owned or leased facilities.
  1. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited at all times from team rooms and from inside the arena unless purchased from a vendor inside the facility, and then consumed in an area approved by the Alcoholic Beverage Commission. Failure to comply will result in suspension from the arena for remainder of scheduled season.
  1. Use of illegal drugs is prohibited and will result in immediate suspension of individuals and/or teams from the arena for the remainder of the scheduled season.
  1. The use of headphones and cell phones are prohibited on the ice during any skating session(s).
  1. The user agrees to hold harmless, defend and indemnify the Fairbanks North Star Borough from any claim whatsoever arising out of the use and occupation of the facility by the user.
  1. Vehicle parking is in designated areas only. No parking in handicap, fire and ambulance zones, or in front of the arena and other areas as posted. Vehicles in violation are subject to towing and impound at owner's expense.
  1. Team rooms can be secured for all events. Keys can be signed out at the skate room, and the person signing the key out will need to leave their car keys or driver’s license. The team room user shall turn in their car keys or driver's license to obtain the key.  Team room doors and keys are color coded for your convenience.  It is the user's responsibility to use assigned team rooms.  Using unassigned rooms is not permitted.  Upon completion of the event, the room shall be cleaned by the user and inspected by an on duty supervisor.  If the room is cleaned satisfactorily, the user's car keys or driver's license will be returned.  The user will pay for any damages incurred.  Payment or arrangements will be made within seventy-two (72) hours, or the user will be suspended from further facility use.  User will be given (1) verbal warning if team rooms are not cleaned.  User will be suspended from team rooms for up to three (3) games or practices after the second such offense.  Be sure to lock the door if leaving valuables in the room, as borough Parks and Recreation is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Coin operated lockers are available for rental. Users may bring in their own lock to use, but it must be removed after each use. Personal locks will be cut off nightly.
  1. The Parks and Recreation Department will specifically allocate all ice time. Inefficient use of scheduled time will result in revocation and reallocation of that time. A request for schedule changes between user groups must be coordinated through the Parks and Recreation Department at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance of the change.  Changes made without Department approval can result in revocation of ice time.  The Parks and Recreation Department reserves the right to alter any scheduling with reasonable notice.
  1. The conference room can be used for meetings by non-profit organizations. Application for use must be made to the Parks and Recreation Department at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance. Misuse of the meeting room facilities can result in denial of future requests for use.  Telephone 459-1070 for availability of conference room.
  1. Hitting or throwing pucks, tape balls, etc., off the ice is prohibited and will result in confiscation of hockey sticks, pucks, etc.
  1. Children under the age of 12 must have adult supervision while in the facility.
  1. Children age five (5) and over must dress in their same sex locker room with the aid of a parent/guardian of the same sex.
  1. Posting of any advertisements, posters or flyers that are directly related to recreational activities or programs must be approved by arena manager. Posting is limited to events which benefit or support the community.
  1. Taping of posters, banners, decorations, etc., to the Plexiglas or any painted surface is prohibited.
  1. Any special set-up requests for events, parties or other rentals must be included in the rental form. The setup and use of these special requests shall be pursuant to the time, location, duration and manner, as approved by the Parks and Recreation Director or his/her designee. These special set-ups may include, but are not limited to: large event tents, chairs, portable PA or amplifier systems, staging, etc.
  1. Spitting tobacco on the ice, walls, floor, water fountains, benches, corners and out of the way places is unsanitary and dangerous, it will not be tolerated and may result in suspension from use of the building.
  1. After practice and Rec. Skate, skaters are to wait in the bleacher area for their parents. Food may be eaten in the bleachers provided there is no littering.
  1. Parents must pick their children up within 15 minutes after the event is over.
  1. Instructors, teams and users of the facility may not be the sole users. In consideration of the other patrons, everyone needs to act in an unobtrusive, professional manner.
  1. All users are encouraged to wear proper protective equipment, and personal discretion should be used based on the individual’s ability level. The following is required equipment for the following activities:
  • Hockey. All players in all classifications must wear standard safety equipment. All players in all classifications must wear a hockey helmet, with chinstraps properly fastened while on the ice, in the players boxes and penalty bench.  Any coach under the age of 18 years of age must wear a helmet while on the ice or in the players box.  All players and coaches must abide by USA Hockey Rules and Regulations.

  • Broomball. All players on the ice for broomball must wear helmets.
  1. Shaking or grabbing on the Plexiglas is PROHIBITED and may result in expulsion from the facility.
  1. The borough Parks and Recreation department is not responsible for any lost or stolen items in or around the facility. It is strongly encouraged that all personal items be locked in a secure area.