Fairbanks North Star Borough Parks & Recreation
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Pioneer Park Rules

Violation or failure to comply with of any of these facility rules may result in restricted access to the facility or more serious action, up to and including police action.
  1. Bicycles, skateboards, roller blades and scooters are not allowed to be ridden in Gold Rush Town during summer season operation. There are other areas of the Park where this type of activity is permitted. However, if such activities are causing a threat to public safety, welfare, or property, the activity shall cease upon request of FNSB Staff or Park Security.
  1. All dogs must be secured and controlled by their owner on a leash at all times. Pet waste must be picked up and disposed of in provided trash receptacles.
  1. Littering is not allowed. Please clean up your area prior to leaving.
  1. Smoking is prohibited within 20 feet of, and inside of any borough-owned or leased facilities.
  1. The posted vehicle speed limit inside the Park is 5 miles per hour.
  1. Public access to the Gold Dome roof is prohibited. Those in violation of this rule will be asked to get down by either FNSB Staff or Park Security.  Names and addresses will be retained for Park records. 
  1. Public access of the Mining Valley Mountain is prohibited. Signs are posted and fences are in place for user’s safety. 
  1. Public access of the railroad tracks is prohibited during train hours of operation.
  1. Public access of the upper decks of the Riverboat Nenana is prohibited unless authorized by Park Management or other designated FNSB Employee.
  1. Any special set-up requests for events, parties or other rentals must be included in the rental form. The setup and use of these special requests shall be pursuant to the time, location, duration and manner, as approved by the Parks and Recreation Director or his/her designee. These special set-ups may include, but are not limited to: large event tents, chairs, portable PA or amplifier systems, staging, etc.
  1. Alcoholic beverages may be consumed on the premises, but only in: Salmon Bake area. The picnic shelters, Alaska Centennial Center for the Arts, dance hall, and pioneer hall must have a scheduled event; and the request for alcohol must be indicated on the reservation form. Patrons found possessing open alcoholic beverages in areas other than those designated are in violation of Borough Ordinances and State Laws.
  1. The borough Parks and Recreation department is not responsible for any lost or stolen items in or around the facility. It is strongly encouraged that all personal items be locked in a secure area.