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Trail - Cranberry Trail

Facility Information

1920 Lathrop Street
Fairbanks, AK 99701

Fairbanks Trails Challenge

The 2023-24 Winter Trails Challenge is available December 24, 2023 - April 14, 2024!

Find and download the Winter Trail Guide HERE!
Please register below (FREE!) if you plan on participating in the 2023-2024 Winter Trails Challenge.
Once you find your signs, complete this online checklist by April 14, 2024 to claim your prize and bragging rights!


1. Chena River Walk @ Griffin Park Downtown
2. **Skate Loop @ Tanana Lakes Recreation Area**
3. Chickadee Trail @ Tanana Lakes Recreation Area
4. **Blue Loop @ Birch Hill Recreation Area**
5. **Roller Coaster @ Birch Hill Recreation Area**
6. River Park - 5.7k Loop @ Chena Lake Recreation Area
7. Lake Park - 6.5m Loop @ Chena Lake Recreation Area
8. **Shaun's @ Pearl Creek Nordic Ski Park**
9. **Skarland 12 M @ Pearl Creek Nordic Ski Park**
10. 100 M Loop @ Isberg Recreation Area
11. Wander Lake @ Fountainhead Wedgewood Wildlife Sanctuary
12. Skyline-Goldstream Connector @ Skyline Ridge Park
13. **Lynx Loop - 7.5k @ Salcha Nordic Ski Trails**
14. **Skarland 6 MI Loop @ UAF North Campus Trails**

15. **Estle Connector @ UAF North Campus Trails**
16. Monument Creek @ Chena Hot Springs Resort
17. **7.5k Loop @ Two Rivers Recreation Area**
18. Outer Loop @ Ester Dome- Happy Valley Trails
19. Pipeline Access Road @ Peede Open Space
20. Mastodon Trail @ Chena River State Recreation Area


What is the Trails Challenge? 
The Fairbanks Trails Challenge is an all-ages, all-abilities, outdoor scavenger hunt of epic proportions! The Trails Challenge is designed to get you out with your friends and family to explore our wonderful local trails, both new and familiar. Each summer and winter season, Parks Department staff temporarily installs special signs in secret locations along a dozen or so local trails. While the signs are up, we invite everyone to visit the trails and try and find the signs. Along the way we hope you have a chance to learn new skills, see new places, and make positive memories.

How do you take the Trails Challenge?
Anyone is allowed to participate in the search. When you find a sign, prove you made it by taking a “selfie” photo with the sign and posting it on social media with the hashtag “#FNSBTrails” or email your photo to trails@fnsb.gov. Posting or emailing photos is optional, but to get credit you must complete the finisher checklist form (Link to form coming soon!). And of course, leave the sign to be found by the next trail challenge participant. Participants who find AT LEAST TEN signs during the event can win prizes from local sponsors and the coveted Trailblazer Award. Participants under the age of ten can find at least five signs to win the Junior Trailblazer Award! Whether you find one or find them all, challenge yourself to get outside and enjoy nature! 

When can we take the Trails Challenge? 
The Trails Office hosts two Fairbanks Trails Challenge events each year: a Winter Trails Challenge and a Summer Trails Challenge. The Winter Trails Challenge starts roughly in mid-December and lasts through March. Start and end dates fluctuate depending on weather and trail conditions. The signs stay in place for the season then are removed to be placed in new and different locations for the next challenge. So each season you are challenged to have a new adventure!

Contact the Trails Coordinator at trails@fnsb.gov or 907-459-7401. Check the Trails Office webpage for MAPS and TRAILS INFORMATION! Follow the FNSB Parks & Recreation Facebook Page for updates.

Get outside! Take the Fairbanks Trails Challenge!

Trail Conditions Report
View the Trail Conditions Report here.

Your one-stop source for current winter trail conditions for cross-country skiing, snowmachining, fat-tire biking, snowshoeing, ice skating and walking in the Fairbanks North Star Borough. Our team updates the winter trail conditions report weekly on Thursdays at 11AM throughout the winter season.

Trails Office General Information & Planning
Update: The Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly adopted the Comprehensive Recreational Trails Plan with amendments on June 20, 2023. The most recent draft of the plan is available for review at www.FNSBTrailsPlan.com. The final version of the Comprehensive Recreational Trails Plan that incorporates the Assembly amendments will be published in August of 2023.

About the Comprehensive Recreational Trails Plan:
The Trails Office is responsible for implementing the Comprehensive Recreational Trail Plan (Trail Plan), working closely with other Borough Departments and the Trails Advisory Commission. The Trail Plan is part of the Borough's Regional Comprehensive Plan and was created in 1985. The Trail Plan identifies many trails throughout the Borough that have high recreational value for the community and deserve some level of protection for public access. Trails in the Trail Plan cross many types of property and have varying degrees of public access. Public access is not guaranteed across all sections of trails in the Trail Plan. Trails in the Trail Plan receive protection across a piece a property if and when that property is ever subdivided via the Borough's Code of Ordinances, Title 17 "Subdivisions." Over the years, several new trails have been added to the Trail Plan. The latest trail, the Cranberry Trail, was added in 2006. Fairbanks residents can nominate new and existing trails to be added to the Trail Plan by making recommendations to the Trails Coordinator and the Trails Advisory Commission. If you are interested in the Trail Plan, nominating a new trail, providing or securing a trail easement, or have other trail-related interests, contact the Trails Coordinator at (907) 459-7401 or trails@fnsb.us.

Trail Planning Documents and Resources:
Comprehensive Recreational Trail Plan- 2006 Update
Comprehensive Recreational Trail Plan Maps A & B
Guide to Nominating Trails to the Trail Plan
Process for Easement or Right-of-Way Acquisition for Public Recreational Trails
About the Trails Advisory Commission - Brochure
Trails Advisory Commission Meeting Information
Trails Advisory Commission Members- 2019

Historical Documents:
Trail Planning Background Information- 1983 Review of Existing Trail Program
Trail Planning Background Information- 1984 Borough Trail Inventory
Trail Planning Background Information- 1984 Trails Program Legal Constraints
Trail Planning Background Information- 1984 Trails Program Financial Constraints

Trail Maps
Maps for trails systems in the Fairbanks North Star Borough are currently in development. Maps will be added to this page as they are completed. Maps are only provided for trails that are entirely contained within public property and public trail easements.

Birch Hill Recreation Area Maps & Links
Tanana Lakes Recreation Area Maps & Links
Chena Lake Recreation Area Maps & Links
Other Borough Recreation Area Maps & Links
Miscellaneous Trail System Maps & Info
Trails Challenge Guides from previous seasons